Ducks n' Rocks

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We know what’s on your mind: what’s with that ‘ducks n’ rocks’ name, what’s it got to do with anything?

We thought of Milan as a big pond and imagined that each set of rocks could represent a ‘zona’ with its bars and cafes, restaurants or maybe a shop: and what about the cute accessorised ducks? They would be you girls, finding your comfy spot where you can be yourself, have fun and enjoy the view! Yes, the view! Milan is buzzing with people from all over the world also thanks to Expo2015 and we want you girls to get the best a year full of events, whether you are staying in Milan for work or not.
We want you to experience the city as we do, never as tourists: commercial stuff is out, we are in!

We have heard it before that Milan does not strike as being unconventional, nor cheap or fun: we promise it won’t be like that at all!

We’ll keep you away from the lame clubs for high school teenagers, from the ever so ‘Italian’ eateries with often not much flavour to them and ridiculously  overpriced and show you unique things worth remembering.

We will be browsing the streets in search for the perfect urban look or maybe something/someone that just gets our attention (for the good reasons). We will try out the new and upcoming places on the scene, check out some of the events that you get to know about only if you have been here a while and even give you ideas on things to do on a typical grey Sunday in Milan.

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