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we have the same name, taste and style: we love anything that is visual, but we’d rather experience beautiful things in person on the streets of our city. We are normal girls, actually we pretend to be normal but we never stop being surprised by each other’s ‘blonde’ or better ‘pink’ moments, as we do actually have pink locks and to be fair it is never a dull moment.

We met in 2010 through close friends and have only recently taken on the blogging adventure to share our passion and most importantly, our fun way to live in this city.


ElenaS lives in the East side of Milan, she is a local in the area of clubs Plastic and Rolling Stone, so to speak. She is a full time photographer, specialised in reportage photography, her shots are full of emotion and her female subjects are snapped in all their spontaneity.

Thanks to her professional education at the John Kaverdash photography Academy in Milan, where she took a Masters in reportage and a course in Lighting Design, she landed commitments from major Italian culture and newsmagazine L’Espresso. Her inclination to be drawn to anything ‘girly and pink’, although focussing on edgy stories and personalities, has allowed her to sign the shooting of the first meeting of Blondinki, the international association of Blondes, which took place in Sofia.

On a different theme, ElenaS told the story of Fatima al Zahra, an Italian girl who was going through the conversion to Islam and with that, wearing a niqab.

ElenaS has already been involved in blogging, as she started off as a blog photographer with the one and only Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, which is now one of the most viewed blogs worldwide we have in Italy.

If Elena Strada is on the street (strada actually means street in italian), rest assured that whatever she feels or a place/person makes her feel, is framed in her very own shots.



Former TV sport journo and producer, Elena L does not actually live in Milan, she is from the West interland of the city, Rho, famous for its exhibition centre involved in Expo2015.

Thanks to her studies in journalism at Staffordshire University in England, where she got an MA in Sports Broadcast Journalism, she started off her career at Top Gear UK with an internship only to wind up back in Milan at Sky Sport Italia. Now she is a web editor writing about fashion and design for different retailers’ online magazines, an activity that contributed to trigger her fancy to write for herself about the things that she likes the most: being out and about and spotting cool things.

She strolls along  the streets with an eye for detail and an attent spirit of observation and tries to put the stories of the people she meets into words. Having been involved in sports herself as a triathlete and previously as a swimmer, she has a strong personality, very much down to earth and even though she loves all girly and pink things too, she likes to see herself as a tough girl. Oh, she’s a mum to a 2 year old boy she had from a British bloke she brought back as a souvenir from uni-life in the UK.