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° I ♥ Milan


If there is one thing to say about Milan it is that you don’t often hear people going crazy for this Northern Italian City. Whether it is students from other parts of the Boot or even the world, people tend to struggle with familiarising with the quirky fashion, the workaholic and upbeat urban verve of the Milanese and of course the underground and international blend of spots for shopping and going out, never flat, always super busy.

Why is it then that this city is so hard to fall in love with? We truly believe part of it comes with the funny layout of the strips: it can be tricky to get to know your favourite spot inside out and simultaneously ignore what’s on the other side of Parco Sempione, for example. Milano is no London, Paris or like any other European city: Milan is the reflection of the phenomenon that makes Italy such an appealing country: each area, borough, block and Via has got its own identity, i.e. life-style and fashion trends, as each region and city happen to behave on a much bigger scale.

We want to represent these special traits of our city and tell you girls (boys welcome too) all about its many cool or better, nice things to do, who to find and where to find them, plus some tips on how to get around in the city during Expo2015 and all the useful links for events and places to be.