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Chic treats made in France: Ladurée Milan

18 February 2015


Think about fine patisserie, history and that French je ne sais quoi in a petit boutique full of bonbons or better, exquisitely colourful but delicate macaroons. We are at Ladurée in Milan in Via Spadari, where everything is elegant but not pompous. It is also chic and inviting thanks to years and years of perfecting the style of a very authentic first recipe of its kind.
Since the middle of the 20th century with Pierre Desfontaines, who first thought of taking two macaroons shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling, the brand has expanded with many boutiques, but no changes have been made to the recipe. Although you cannot actually sit and enjoy these delicatessen in the shop, Ladurée is the place to go for the perfect gift as just the packaging itself is a work of art. As we go on with our shooting, a soft pastel with a touch of gold jewellery box shaped mini trunk is filled with 6 of the luxurious ‘’biscuits’’, a smart present that a 20 something bloke may choose for someone who is ‘girlfriend material’. And it is thanks to taste in decor and artistic inclination of the brand that Ladurée is no stranger to collaborations as the one with made in Italy jewel makers Istanboulli Gioelli Milano, a trait d’union that sees diamonds sparkling over Ladurée’s ever so yummy and desirable gluten free bites.
Then we spot some mignon boxes, with satin-ribboned bride and groom miniatures: yes you guessed it, you have just found the unconventional wedding keepsake. For a reasonable price, you can enlighten your guests with your favourite macaroons or if you prefer you can pick from a wide choice of jams with unique flower flavours, such as peony and poppy.
Watch this space for all the news about Ladurée Milan (also Ladurée Milan chez Excelsior Galleria Del Corso nr 4), the events and the new collections.







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