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Ducks & Rock n’ Roll

23 March 2015



Whether you are British, German or American or simply not Italian, you might think that there’s nothing unconventional about live music clubs, they are pretty much the rule. Well, here in Milan, never take anything for granted, as live music pubs are not so popular, but we really want you to try Rock n’ Roll Club out. Tonight we are in Rho’s, which you can easily reach by Passante Ferrovario directly from Milan Expo2015, but there is one in Milan too.




Good music, live rock of course, good proper food and drinks, all set in a spacious and warm location suitable even for girly girls with clean hair and less tattoos. Let’s plan your night out at Rock n’ Roll. They have these huge burgers, with grilled Italian beef or angus and even lamb: fresh, tasty and they all come in a combo platter. Weiss beer to wash it all down and to get you in the mood for the after dinner party.

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In a  separate area, so that talking to your mate is still doable, at around 10pm, live bands from Italy and Europe perform mostly their own tracks, but there are also some tribute nights and cover bands: we get that the Oasis tribute night was jam packed… I wonder why that is?!

Time for guitars, drum beats, and rock groggy voices: you shouldn’t wear mules for the occasion, but here you can actually drink them. We are talking about, for less fashionista boys, a kind of women’s shoes but a mule is also of course a cocktail made with vodka, lime and ginger, served here in a glass jar, very refreshing. We also tried a liquorice and aniseed version, and it was de-lish, plus it doesn’t set you back a fortune.





Whether you are a rock n’ roll addict or not, this is the place to come to spend a night out after a week’s work where you can enjoy 2 of the best three things in life, food and rock n’ roll and the third..? well we are not suggesting anything here … but we are confident you know enough about rock n’ roll to come here and see for yourself!


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