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Girls Night Out: La Meccanica

27 March 2015


We don’t know about you, but we have established that a girls night out isn’t just about sitting down in a posh restaurant eating pretentious food and talking about likewise pretentious girly things. We want fun: is there anything better than fancy dress or themed nights? If you are also dancing to high voltage rock music, and being offered an exotic pink cocktail for making an appereance dressed up, then yeah sure, in Milan they are much better than anywhere else.

We are at La Meccanica, a large live music and alternative club run by Rugby Parabiago players in Nerviano, (S5 stop Parabiago). Their trademarks are in the name of good food with rugby themed paninis, good music and messing around with dressing up!

The theme we are trying out for the night is Hanami Kimono Party celebrating spring arrival: we are all set with silk kimonos, red hearted lips, chopsticks in the hair hoping not to be the only silly looking ones. Much to our surprise the fancy dress thing has gone down well even just outside of Milan, probably with the push of playful rugby spirit – do any of you remember social rugby nights on Campus? Samurais, Geishas, Karate Kids (read unlikely) and Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo plastic swords. We are being welcomed by a lychee and vodka on the house and we are straight off to the dance floor: classic rock, which is OK for a dance and a sing along, a proper treat to a girls night out.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page to hear more about these kinds of nights and the huge outdoor event they organize in the summer called Rugby Sound!






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