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Home Sweet Home: Mi Casa Toasteria

24 February 2015


There is no place like home, home is where the heart is, home sweet home: forget all that stereotypical non-sense, here in Milan you can finally feel at home if you pop around for a bite at Mi Casa Toasteria.

We are hit by how welcoming, warm and relaxing this small yet very functional eatery is: a blend of French heart-shaped little things and some solid wood furniture transport you immediately out of the city, but actually we are in between some lanes very close to Turro MM1 to be precise.

And then there is the food: toast in Italian doesn’t mean toast as you know it, it actually describes a sandwich that has been filled with goodies and then heated up in a toaster or some other kitchen appliance. That’s a toastie, right? So what you get here is that, but to the ultimate level of taste: bio ingredients, good combinations of Italian flavours and most importantly home-made produce. We had the ‘insospettabile’ (unsuspected) toast and it was undoubtedly a true revelation: speck, honey, mustard, pickled aubergines, chick peas pure’ in sunflower seed toasted slices of bread. We also tried the sliced salted bread with ‘burrata’ on top, accompanied by pesto and cherry tomatoes…Italy on a slice of bread!

The lunch hour is super busy so we do suggest you book a table, but Mi Casa Toasteria is also open for happy hours, with ginger and other funky flavoured, ever so fashionable spritz, toast combos and other bites.

We are happy to have found a place where you can truly get genuine food, which is also Italian and delicious and does not cost much at all (6 euros for their toasts).

Mi Casa is also well equipped for children, with high chairs and a proper changing table in the loo.









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