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NUL’s unusual spaces

18 February 2015

Nul DJweb

They consider themselves as creators of concept dance parties@unusual spaces. We couldn’t agree more: we wanted to check out the first big party of 2015 put together by NUL for a school night on Thursday. Where? That’s a good point… You don’t get told about the location until the last few hours before the event: anticipation and secrecy about the venue make it all very exclusive and a ‘must go’.
How to get in this email loop? You have to register at, then after liking their Facebook page you can check out the latest news on DJs disclosure a few days before the party.
So, for the first big party of 2015 we are told we are at Plastic, probably the most iconic nightclub in Milan since the 1980s: Freddie Mercury, Madonna and Andy Warhol used to party hard here on a Friday night back in the day.
Let’s talk music for the night: deep analogue house, homespun disco, studiously minimalist techno, mutant Russian electronic, gothic synth pop, narcotic Afrobeat, psychedelic rock and lo-fi, instrumental hip-hop recorded in the ’90s and mastered off an overdubbed cassette tape for Norwegian artist DJ Sotofett from Sex Tags Mania. Completing the night the sound of Gattonero followed by Futuro Tropicale.
Great sounds for great locations, free entry and cocktails for 8 euros, it happens twice a month: watch this space!

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