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Street Food: Beer and Chips Anyone?

12 March 2015

After long debating on the ultimate ‘chip’, we have concluded that there is no such thing: places you go, chips you find. The problem is, Italy doesn’t do chips, that is why we have already imported Amsterdam Chips in Milan and Turin. In Milan Corso Buenos Aires and Via Torino they have their very own chip shops, where you can find chunky golden chips for reasonable cheap prices: 3 euros for a small cone, which small it really isn’t as we both struggled finishing for lunch. In a way it does nod to the traditional British chip shop, except that at Amsterdam Chips you can’t grab any fish or mushy peas, but, and this is would go down very well in the UK too, you can wash this alternative on the go food with artisanal Dutch beer. From lagers to ales there’s enough choice to fit the 14 sauces to go with your chips: curry ketchup, Algerian or Pitta sauce are the spicy ones that can give your (indulgent) snack a whole new perspective.

We will bring you more on upcoming street food spots, as this is becoming very popular in Milan too: less sit in traditional and overcrowding pizzerias, more selected restaurants and multicultural quick food on the go.

The only downside of the shop in Via Torino that we tried out, is that you really have to make it a ‘on the go’ experience as there are no benches to be seen in the street, although you can sit on the few steps of St.Giorgio’s Church in across the street.


corso Buenos Aires 75

via Torino 57


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