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We’ll have Cream Tea, please!

21 February 2015


Our prayers have finally been answered: a proper English tea room has landed in Rho, via Matteotti, with the benefit of having a license to serve Cornish cider and beer. It’s only 11am but we just couldn’t resist trying out tea and scones, the ultimate English ritual, infuses with history and tradition, better if served in vintage crockery and of course at 4pm.

Sarah, who runs Estrele Cakes together with Massimo, is an award-winning cake designer and baker who wanted to experiment with offering Tea and Scones in Milan, as well as Cornish Pasties, Crumpets, Cup Cakes and even the unforgiving Full English Breakfast. She’s originally from Worcester and after studying Fashion at Rochester University, she moved to Italy and started doing what had always been her true passion, baking. ‘Let them eat cake’ is the pay off and motto of this witty and truly sweet sugar magician, we shall just say thank you.

As she approaches the whole ‘cream or jam first’ situation and so spreads for us her home made clotted cream as she would do for herself, we are hit by the number of requests for complicated yet beautiful cakes she receives in the space of 30 minutes.

Together with the scones, which are then given the strawberry jam treatment, the stack on the chic cake stand we have at our table suggests we proceed with tea sandwiches and we can pick from salmon, egg salad and ham. To top it all off, sweet treats in the shape of mini macaroons, filled with coffee ganache, and the unmistakably cute mini fruity cupcakes. As tradition demands, we drink plenty of Earl Grey, out of made in Staffordshire crockery of course.

It is all we could ever wish for, even better, as a the whole thing will make 2 people more than happy and doesn’t cost more than around 7 euros per person.

If you really can’t stay away from the focaccia, pizzas and croissants, Estrele has probably got the best offer in town, with berries and custard croissants and other homemade delicacies. Definetly our cup of tea!








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