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FRU FRU’ VAN @ Popcorn Garage Market

12 April 2015


It’s vintage, it’s got fake lashes, its colour is tiffany: you can jump on it for a beauty ride such as a nail polish application. A hen do, a birthday party or simply a beauty-ful surprise, this vintage Renault Estafette is just what you are looking for if you want something unconventional, girly and chic. It’s Fru Frù Van. From an idea of brand ambassador Ilaria Dognini, Fru Frù Van is hitting all the hotspots in Milan: today we are at Popcorn Garage Market, a vintage spring galore set in Palazzina Liberty 7, formerly a slaughterhouse and now a creative and quirky space for everyone, hipsters and families are for the most.

Head to toe tiffany, that’s Fru Frù Van’s work uniform: what’s not to like? The van has been redecorated to fine standards, the interiors are more luxurious than most beauty spas you can ever find in town.  The idea infact, is that you can get your nails done buying one of the nail polishes, all in a comfy yet practical situation: Ilaria uses her very own Fru Frù brand for the nail polishes but she’s exploring other made in Italy beauty products, such as face masks and cute gift ideas. Everything smells fruity and lush, the tones she has chosen for her line are fresh and full on trend, although this van is much more than a vehicle or a beauty salon on wheels. For starters, it’s a very functional professional photos set, never mind the fact that you can actually get your hair and makeup done on board, and change your many looks too.

It is also very versatile: next week Fru Fru Van will be hosting Dutch design brand Soonsaloon at NHOW Hotel, Via Tortona, check out our facebook page for all the tips on Milan Design Week.


We are guessing that their next move will be to find a bride to be to ride to church on their big day…tempting!




In the meantime we got totally enticed by the tiffany and electric blue vibe of fru fru van that we came away from the vintage stalls and the bits of DJ Nora Bee with a tiffany long chiffon skirt and a blue loose blouse..for something like 10 euros in total… Popcorn Garage Market we love you!



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