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I’m Off To…?

3 March 2015

If you spot two girls sprinting through the lunch time strollers and one of them has got a professional camera, it is definitely us: we just couldn’t let go of the silver pebbled leather tassel and chain detail Prada boots that a tall brunette had going on with Junya Watanabe skinny jeans, a blue Comme des Garçons jacket and Celine sunglasses.

Only few selected can wear eccentric yet such trendy shoes without looking like posers and Dewi is certainly amongst them, effortless and hip at the same time, not one of the many tourists of Porta Venezia that’s for sure. Here are some more clues to get where the gorgeous Dewi is off to: she’s not from Milan and the coat she’s wearing belongs to her possibly likewise stunning boyfriend, who we understand works for renowned design and architecture magazine Studio.

Can you guess where these silver beauties are off to? Post your comments here, you’ll find out in a couple of days.


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