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I’m Off To…?

10 March 2015


It is one of those typical drizzly days in Milan and we are strolling around Via Torino, one of the busiest high streets, which, together with Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso di Porta Ticinese and Corso Buenos Aires, represents different kinds of fashion in terms of shops that you can find. We are just going past the Magnum pleasure store as we spot Sara elegantly swinging her brolly as she goes across Piazza Maria Beltrade. Fresh and next door girl kind of face, her white coat is what made us stop to take some pictures.

Here are some clues for you to guess this week’s I’m off to: first of all, she’s escorted by an older man, but no worries, it is only her dad.

Imperial wool coat, eared black hat from Zara, Pinko tote and Sweet Years boots: all very ‘ordinary’, not so unexpected, but judge for yourself, doesn’t this pop socks ensemble look cute?

One more thing, as she takes her gloves off to reach for her phone she wows us with some great jewellery: an aquamarine oversized ring that she matches with acid green nails, an injection of colour that makes this girly urban look so unique and out of the blue, or gray where we come from.


Post your guess here, we are truly testing your sixth sense.




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