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I’m Off To…?

19 March 2015

mosaico lucyprova2web

Let’s see if you can guess where this cutie is off to. We are strolling in artistic and vintage district, we hope you know what we are talking about. Here are this week’s clues: half of the things she is wearing have not been purchased in Milan, only her handbag and her shoes were, they come from the high street. The other half is super cool and edgy: her coat has this amazing colour and cut, perfect for her figure and skin tone. Her long, black knitted dress has got these quirky ‘’holes’ at the bottom of the skirt which make it all look very designer clothing, although we can just tell you it is not an Italian one. Shoes are H&M, although she says she’s got a thing for tiny boutiques.

So if you think you know where this girl Is Off To POST HERE here your idea, possibly in English…Don’t forget to like and invite friends to our Facebook page too, see terms and conditions!

We have arranged a prize for the first three of you getting it right, it sort of has to do with being thirsty and having fun!

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