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Live your Pink Dream hair, powered by Wella

18 February 2015


We have all messed  around with the slumber, rise, hudson  or valencia in the palette of effects from social snapping tool Instagram, but who knew that all the splashes of colours and inspiring shades are a dream that has come true thanks Instamat!c by Wella?
We are the Wella Studio in Milan Loreto, home to academies, seminars and all the know how out there in terms of trends and techniques in the world of hair care. We are trying nothing less than the very Pink Dream, one of the six diffused shades amongst this stunning collection: we are told the look will be edgy but soft, a pastel accessory wearable during business hours or matched with a perfectly pink strawberry Caipiroska.
A look that the stars of the likes of Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor are already sporting in their videos.
The whole process is a work of art, almost a ritual, where expert hair colourist talks numbers, percentages, names, starting it all off with a very Edward Scissorhands tool, the Artistic Glove: a blend of functions makes this black glove a true revelation, with its spongy second finger mix and apply the colour and this very long pinky plastic nail that serves instead as comb. No messing about here.
And with this, Magma goes on first, its magic is that it can lighten up to 6 shades levels and give the first injection of colour at the same time.
Only then we are both ready to get the Instamat!c treatment and we just cannot believe what we see in those mirrors once they start the blow dry: a delicate touch that brightens you up, catching and reflecting the light, which is exactly what you would not expect when getting pink hair.
As we both have very thin hair, we get introduced to Crimp, a very small ridges iron, perfect to add texture and intensify volume, which is then finished off with Luxe Oil for absolute shine and gloss.
We just love this effect and we will definitely want to have it done again,venturing even in the Jaded Mint or Ocean Storm , who knows. What we know for sure is that there is no need to experiment or ask your local hairstylist to replicate this shades at all costs, you do need to find your Wella Salon.






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