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STMA by Stefania Marra: futuristic fashion made in Italy

18 February 2015


Today we are in Rho, that you all surely know by now because of Expo2015, talking to hometown girl Stefania Marra, fashion designer and owner of STMA. Her lab, warm and cosy thanks to the wooden panelling throughout, is hidden in one of the ‘corti’ (a row of houses built around a yard) off Via Matteotti. In this rural yet high street setting, Stefania talks to us about how she got into fashion, who she is and she gives us her take on Milan and its folk.

How would you define your aesthetic, what’s your style?

Structured, futuristic, with extreme attention to detail: I have developed a passion for the latest innovations in terms of fabric, I pick the ones I can see that can allow me to play with structured designs yet keeping them soft and ‘realistic’.

Where is the girl you are designing for going?

I normally get a lot of interest from people who work in the arts, i.e. designers, architects, who tend to be drawn to a kind of fashion that plays more with lines rather than patterns, although I think my garments are wearable in any situation, whatever the age range. This smooth neoprene long sleeve shirt that I am wearing now is great as it flatters most body shapes, thanks to the vertical silk seams on show, plus it gives you a tidy look as this material does not crease.

How did you get to where you are now?

 After studying at the artistic High School Lucio Fontana, I then graduated at the Fashion Institute Carlo Secoli. I then started working for a fashion house involved with different labels, such as Patrizia Pepe and Caractère. I soon realised that I wanted to see my ideas realised, I wanted to see my finished garments and I believed in the fact that my style is strong and edgy enough for me to create many collections.

What are your loves and hates about Milan?

 I don’t think I actually hate anything or any kind of people in particular. Milan has always been extremely influenced by fashion…some of those fashionista take this too seriously and end up with looking a lot of fun, take the whole rolled ankle chinos situation going on in winter or the frustrating world of ‘figa di legno’ – read ‘snob bitch’. The ideal look for my ideal man would be a head to toe Armani, classy, no fuss, modern, he knows what he wants. I love Milan with the job I do, I spend hours strolling around Triennale, where I can breathe that artistic vibe of the city and get a good a coffee, whether I like to get inspiration for my looks wandering around Ticinese.

We’ll keep you posted with the new collections coming up for this spring, we can just tell you that green and yellow will be colours of the ‘future’.





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