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Thank God Fashion Week is Over!

1 March 2015

We can’t say that we are fashion haters, but if there’s one thing we don’t fancy in Milan is the overabundance of excesses flying in the city during February Milan Fashion Week.

We respect and admire the talented designers faces of this ever so inspiring business and all the glamour that comes with it, but we don’t necessarily cry about missing the perfect spot to see all the posers in their head to toe insane looks: a message to models and fashionistas, we are staying right where we are, just doing our job. Elena S has actually been shooting for the launch of a new bikini line, since casting models at this time of the year couldn’t have been easier.


Closing today with DSquared and Armani, the buzz in the city, caused by foreigners overcrowding even the tiniest local cafe, will be soon tuning in with the coming spring season: birds tweeting amongst Parco Sempione oaks and cherry tree flowers blooming in the beautiful yards of the palazzi…
Oh yeah, there’s all that to look forward to…. in the meantime we feel just a little bit Out of Fashion!

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