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Tone with Tonia’s Make Up tips and styles

31 March 2015



We are pleased to announce that we will bringing you all the latest news on make-up trends plus tips and tricks tailored to all of you urban city girls thanks to the wonderful Tonia.

As a make-up artist in one of the world’s fashion capitals, she has all the knowledge on the make-up styles of the runway showstoppers. But she can make any girl stand out for all the good reasons, which in Tonia’s words are described by natural, soft and with a splash of colour..

Tonia does have turquoise hair, she does have beautiful facial features, with plump lips, Cindy Crawford’s cheekbones and big aquamarine eyes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean her job is made any easier. Make up is a true art, even for those lucky pretty faces.

She invited us over for lunch – she’s also a Neapolitan healthy food foodie – where we have gladly fallen in love with everything about her, starting from her hair of course and her porcelain skin.


What kind of clientele do you have?

I have been working with many business launching their brand with an ad campaign, so I have taken care of the styling during a shooting, sometimes both make-up and hairstyle. I have also worked with Hollywood stars, such as Adrien Brody (from The Pianist) but here in Milan I am often backstage at the CNC Costume National and Trussardi’s catwalks.

Who would you rather have sitting on your chair?

It depends: when you are styling a model the creative challenge is what pushes me compared with the kind of things I do when I style ‘ordinary’ people where the aim is to focus on their features and bring out the best of them.


How did you get to where you are now professionally?

I have studied at the Diego Dalla Palma Beauty and Style Image Academy, which has a hands on approach: this gave me the opportunity to quickly learn the tricks of the job and for my final project my styles were featured on Vogue… this made me think I was going to be kind of good at it!



How would you define your look, the one you go for everyday?

British, fun and always injected with fabulous colours.

Being from Naples can you tell us if you spotted any style differences between the girls here and back home?

In Naples girls always pay more attention to their make-up rather than what they are wearing, whether here they tend to be extremely concerned with the accessory, the right shoe for the perfect jeans and never miss a detail on their outfit. For us it is inconceivable to go out without foundation and glossy lips.

What are your golden tips?

Never exaggerate with foundation, make-up is not about covering or hiding, is about fun and play with colours.


Which do you think will be the coolest trend for the spring-summer looks?

I think the 70s are back in trend, so the look is very natural, NUDE is the rule and the eyes are the protagonist of every make-up dilemma.
Stay tuned to watch Tonia’s tutorials, she will give you all the insights on how to create the best looks in trend and which ones are suitable for you!



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