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18 November 2015



What’s great about the latest hipster/radical chic/retro/vintage fashions is that we now have places to shop for our favourite accessories and fashion finds. We have already talked about East Market and its Eat Market @Lambrate Ventura, new entry in terms of street food ideas and Popocorn Garage Market: this time we are at Wunder Mrkt, which is taking place in one of the clubs we rocked in our twenties.

Via Valtellina number 23 (MM Maciachini) is packed with people, bearded guys, 1970s Alfa parked on the kerb and even some daring parents strolling around with sleepy, but happy, kids. On the menu: vintage – from clothes to design/art, handmade and everything that screams uniqueness and personality. Plus, hairstyling with Rainbow, literally, as they use all its colours.

What are we going for? It’s pretty hard to make our minds up, but in the end we could not resist Funkitsch hair bands, handmade of course, for a Frida Kahlo inspired look .. wait and see!

Lots of people and a huge variety of products: from hand printed T-shirts to sartorial Mexican sugar skulls women’s wear and even Christmas decor. Wunder mrkt is on the right track to lead us to a fairy and glittery white Xmas, stay tuned for their Santa Claus edition.






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