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Easy recipes for happy Sundays

28 February 2015


It’s Italian tradition to have family and friends round for Sunday lunch, which takes place between 12 and … 3. If you want to delight your guests with some tasty and fresh appetizers, these cute mini cups are perfect to welcome them together with their morning spritz.

what you need and how: all pretty straightforward!

these ingredients are for 3 different mini cups, work out quantities according to number of guests

  • mini glass cups (clear glass will show your ingredients …so everyone knows what they’re eating)
  • a blender

number 1; avocado/shrimps/lemon/pepper

mash an avocado until it turns into a soft pure, which you will use to fill your mini cups to ¾. Add the shrimps,  a squeeze of lemon, pepper and salt.

number 2: philadelphia/yogurt/ sliced smoked salmon/fresh thyme

mix the philadelphia with the yoghurt and fill your mini cups to ¾. Dice your sliced smoked salmon finely and add it on top of the cheese, sprinkle some of thyme leaves to decorate.

number 3:  finely sliced ham (prosciutto cotto), cherry tomatoes, fresh basil

Chop the ham finely and mix with the philadelphia, fill the mini cups to ¾. Chop the cherry tomatoes and add to the filling, decorate with fresh basil.

Enjoy with a spritz or a glass of Valdobbiadene – Conegliano DOCG Prosecco!







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