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Emotional Design: Make a Whish

23 April 2015


In our art section we would like to bring you some of the latest trends in art and design, some tips and how-to. This week we want to introduce you our friend emotional designer Aleksandra Wronska, who will be featured here as long a s she keeps coming up with brilliant creations…


In full line with her style that combines the use of natural materials, especially wood and fibres, Whish was conceived to be a design object for the user to play with, experiencing their own artistic verve and ultimately to connect with this light installation.


Your wishes may come true with thanks to the warm led mini lights mounted at the end of copper wires, which are pinned on a contrasting in colour and texture concreted base. The beauty of this piece is that it is unique not only because it is a non industrial production we are talking about, but because it is its users that personalize it according to their mood, style and needs in a multitude of ways.

Wronska gave the perfect demo for her installation  by hiring a professional dancer, and the perfect location, the decadents but opulent interiors of Villa Tittoni in Desio.

Whish is tall and straight, then short and totally open like a desert flower as the ballet dancer bends or stretches to the rhythm of the soft tune; it is all so whimsical and dreamy we just wish we would never wake up.



We can see this as an object that would make a strong impact in the hall of many businesses, hotels and shops, as its colors are quite neutral and suitable to different decor: a new ice-breaker where clients could come in and change its shape or just do something cool while they wait for someone to come and fetch them .



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