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EXPO 2015 @ first glance

12 May 2015

TREE of LIFE: Expo 2015 ICON

As I live a 5 min drive from the event of the year that will change the face of Milan for decades to come, I decided to take it slowly and to enter the enticing world of Expo 2015 step by step.


EXPO 2015 is shaped as huge cross: the longest arm is called Decumano


The 5 euro evening ticket sounded fine for a first visit at least of the top 5 pavilions: I wasn’t wrong, now I just have to cope with not being able to go back there in the next days.

For starters I took a week night trip on an almost summer Tuesday night: the ticket allows you to enter at 7 pm until closure, which is at 11 pm. Tip: if you go on a weekend you’d better register online as well, as if maximum capacity will be reached you are not guaranteed the entrance.

The trick here is to visit as many pavilions as you can before 9 pm as most of them close at that time, so that in the remaining 2 hours of your visit you can enjoy a sit down meal or some quality street food without the hassle of long queues. After sunset it is also the best time to get closer to the Tree of Life and watch the lighting show at the hour: an iconic pink glittery lake and a gigantic lighting installation that I can truly say are the trending image on most social networks of Expo 2015.


@ Corea: is this real?

Out of the pavilions I saw with my family (so plus 2 year old in his pram), I would certainly recommend Corea as a must see: the whole thing is straight out of a sci-fi movie, with holograms, robotics, and high tech installation on Expo 2015 theme ‘Feeding the Planet’, spectacular.


@ Corea: is this DNA?

Brazil and Angola are well studied in terms of architecture and for the kind of experience the visitor can get: plants, crops, smells and flavours of these countries let you soon forget you are just off the suburbs of Milan. Although I did read that Thailand has got an amazing setup, I got there too late and did not manage to get in… but I am sure the queue outside means something well worth is on the other side.



@ Corea: you will never guess


 We walked a lot, and I mean almost 10 km: this is because each cluster has got a lot to see, and the word seeing here at Expo 2015 goes beyond its original meaning: you can touch, hear, smell, remember and been inspired from the marvellous things that each country has on display. Foodwise: no free samples, no free bites. Despite what has been reported in the media, prices are much in line with the rest of the restaurants in the city, with sushi being more expensive and street food more affordable. We had a go with the German restaurant – mainly for my beloved Weiss Beer – and the duck with lentils and plums was a true treat!


@ Vietnam: amazing architecture and music


Watch these space as we keep you updated with the latest news and tips on Expo 2015.


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