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Flash Mob Art in Milan

14 March 2015



Undertakers, butchers and bookshops are for one-day venues of unconventional themed exhibitions: Milan Turin and Rome Flash Mob Art has taken over the shopping windows of many businesses, we are in Milan at vintage clothing and furniture boutique Cavalli e Nastri.

If you have already visited the iconic vintage boutiques Cavalli e Nastri in Via Mora, today the menswear and furniture store’s window is having a total makeover. We didn’t quite know what to expect from such an event, as flash mob is still unknown territory in the small world of ducks n’ rocks.

We see some Sponge Bob and Winnie the Pooh themed balloons arranged around what looks like a dinner table, and a miniature Jesus being hipster styled by the creative hand of Antonella Casazza: her theme for today goes by the title ‘Sacriliegio’ a pun on the word sacrilege and ciliegio – cherry tree . It’s the one and only Last Supper of course, where the cartoon characters are the 12 apostles dining with hand painted fashion victim Jesus… this is some crazy s**t!

Antonella’s quirky restyles and the vintage setting are a wedding made in heaven. Here at Mora 3, Cavalli e Nastri Uomo – aka POW and Olivinta, is looked after by former advertising girls Olivia and Veronica: vintage couture fashion for men, starting from the silk Prada ties, and all the accessories and footwear to create the ultimate dandy look. Check out Pow’s Instagram feed to find ideas and styles to suggest for your boyfriend’s outfit and if you are looking for something for you, pop around to number 12: gowns, hats, jewellery and much more on display in a very pastel and antique pink from the 50s, a must go for your vintage girly urges.











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