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Milan Design Week 2015: Fuorisalone

17 April 2015


The sun is out, 27 degrees and as we step into the Norwegian exhibit of Lambrate Ventura Fuorisalone, situated in via Massimiliano, we are handed a cup of some fruity apple juice looking drink, which then turns out to get us tipsy and a bit silly…(Elena S had a second serving as well!) – thank you Fuglen!

The gist is the typical one of Fuorisalone: lots of foreigners, some Dutch chicks already in their flip flops, tall and pale guys as far as the eye can go and off course lots of quirky things on display.

Lounging on Lubar’s seats we taste some Turkish mini ice creams: delish, and we are ready to step into the ‘natural’ design section. Stone granules and an acrylic resin are the materials of the soft shapes of home and garden Italian Novotono: then there is Ecotono, with something truly innovative such as smartphone controlled speakers that are also lamps in elegant and appealing colours and shapes. As seen amongst 2015 trends, Greenworks displays natural walls and furniture, made of plants such as the The Planet mirror: it has a tank that can be refilled to keep the water supply.


We couldn’t resist popping around to Via Canzio to check out the works of renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, with a very controversial topic for their Milan exhibition: ‘’Eat Shit’’. The idea behind it is that shit can connect the food department to all non-food departments: what you will see makes sense on a philosophical and scientific point of view. A swab test to check the bacteria on your smartphone even on your ear, we will get our results in a few days: shit might well be where you least expect it. Then as I was actually looking for the loo, I spot a blue portable one in the yard, but as I pull the plastic handle I get a pleasant whiff of rosemary and lavender and immediately thought it was all but an actual toilet: wrong. Not only I got to pee in a clean and natural environment, but got interviewed afterwards sitting on the loo about the experience, you can spot the wisteria in the background!
Watch this space as we explore the other districts of this amazing week, full of colours, tastes and languages! Keep out posers, not for you!


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