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Milan’s woods and farms: Cascina del Poggio

20 February 2015


We don’t know why, but it is always fun to go and do some proper animal watching, we mean real animals, not the ones that can drive, use a smartphone and pick their noses, too. So, where can you plan a day out around this activity?

Milan is thriving with recently renovated ‘Cascina’, which are typical farm houses of Lombardy: places where you can have good food, relax and get away from the noisy city and its concrete walls. Whatever the season there is always something to do at the Cascina, from concerts to markets, but today we are travelling just outside the city, 30 min by car and train (Trenord to Lomazzo) and venture to Cascina Del Poggio, just off the A9 and next to the Inter Milan training ground in Appiano Gentile.

Given the particularly grey and dull sky, we are delighted with the scenery that presents as you approach this ‘farm in the woods’: acres and acres of horse fields, as the Cascina was firstly established as an equestrian centre. There are horses everywhere the eye can see, and it doesn’t stop there, since, as an authentic farmhouse, you can spot Tibetan goats, cockerels, rabbits and more.

Needless to say that the food is not only local and biological, but is seasonal too: you can organise pretty much any kind of event here or even come round for a quiet but tasty meal, such as the regional cured meats and the roast guinea fowl. A four course meal that reflects all the traits of this area is 29 euros, which includes ¼ litre of good old Barbera, it is the best investment you can possibly make as you get to spend some time outdoors too. The restaurant is fully equipped for children, with a play area, high chairs and changing table.
If you really want to organise something special, even a bigger event, Cascina del Poggio has also recently renovated its bedrooms.








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