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Pancakes Recipe for Dummies

15 March 2015



It’s Sunday and you don’t want to wake up to the usual cereal bowl or toast and jam? Here’s the easiest recipes you could ever imagine to make yummy pancakes and it is super easy to remember as it uses a mug for the dosing, as seen on Channel 4 UK’s River Cottage.


an egg

a mug of plain flour,

a mug of full cream milk

a spoon of powdered sugar

a small non stick pan

a knob of butter

honey/jam/lemon for your fave filling


Mix the egg, the flour and milk in a bowl: heat the pan and butter and when melted pour a ladle of the mix in the pan so to create a 0.5cm thick pancake.

When it looks solidified, flip over with the help of a spatula. Your first pancake is ready!

Repeat until you run out of mix and spread honey or jam in between the pancakes… you know what  to do! Some powdered sugar on top and Happy Sunday!

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